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Lauren | 15 | August 19 | US | Irish

I love Erza Scarlet and she is my queen. I love swords and Pandora Hearts ruined my life. I'm attracted to anime characters who only have one eye.

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A cake befitting a royal princess

Happy birthday Lucina! Also some prompts I received on twitter after posting that baby Morgan and royal babysitter Fred.

Lucina & Morgan lolishota designs by reins.

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Happy Easter from Oscar!!!

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“He was there when she opened her eyes, she was there when he closed his.”

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Sugawara Koushi || Setter || Vice Captain

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Fairy Tail (2014) Ep. 3 - Erza Scarlet Appreciation Post.
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I’m tardy, I’m tardy. I gotta hurry…

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Tanaka Senpai

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I’ll do my best, just like the weeds do!

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push push push

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No matter who you are, you fucking wave at a toddler saying “bye”

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i associate everyone with their icon so if your icon is nicholas cage with a flower crown then that is what you look like in my head

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